Work Packages

WP1:  Coordination and management. WP1 is coordinated by GEOMAR and utilizes the resources of GEOMAR, including the financial management functions, legal support and Intellectual Property (IP) management and commercialization support.

WP2:  Development of integrated SPE-HPLC-MS system. In WP2, we will design and develop the hardware for the integrated SPE-HPLC-MS system.  The work includes developing and integrating new and existing hardware components and optimizing physical connections and interactions to achieve minimal processing times and maximize analytical precision and sensitivity. WP2 is also focused on the device design and functionality, considering end-user needs and capability (e.g., ease-of-use with other parallel activities).

WP3:  Explosive and CWA extraction method development to improve system field-deployability and robustness. In WP3, we will improve existing methods so they can be used for automated real-time measurement by focusing on improvements to the SPE materials and preconcentration method. This includes increasing the time resolution and maximizing detection sensitivity. We will also improve the chromatography method and mass spectrometric detection to achieve optimal chromatography separation and identification of target munition compounds.

WP4:  Instrument demonstration for monitoring and EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) activity support. In WP4, we will demonstrate the instrument performance under field conditions for general environmental monitoring as well as chemical sensing support during commercial EOD activities.

WP5:  Communication, dissemination, and exploitation of results. In WP5, we especially focus on collaboration with the ExPloTect Advisory Board and industry partners to ensure that the technology is developed with a focus on the eventual end-user. The goal of ExPloTect is to achieve a near-market level of development