About ExPloTect

ExPloTect (Ex-situ, near-real-time exPlosive compound deTection in seawater) will develop a prototype system for shipboard, near-real-time detection of dissolved explosive compounds and chemical warfare agents in seawater. The underlying concept of ExPloTect is a flexible platform that is adaptable to explosive compounds such as TNT, as well as chemical warfare agents. The technology will be based on an analytical methodology demonstrated extensively by GEOMAR in the Baltic Sea during the German science ministry (BMBF) funded UDEMM project (“Environmental monitoring for the delaboration of munitions in the sea”). This system will be the first to achieve high sensitivity and unequivocal identification of a suite of munitions compounds in seawater, and represents a major step change in field-deployable technology for chemical detection of munitions. Simultaneous sensing of chemical agents and MC has a wide range of benefits, including detection of munitions, providing safety for individuals who potentially come into contact with underwater munitions, and environmental monitoring of chemical release and ecological exposure.

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